Slot Overview: King Carrot

The title alone piqued our interest. Is Carrot King the supreme boss of all crops, or simply carrots? Are there any Queen Carrots, and does he wear a crown? When unexpected video games come along, our wildest fantasies might run amok. We can confirm he is crowned, and he comes in two distinct varieties: the common King Carrot, and the extremely rare Epic King Carrot. These two regal carrots activate a symbol-altering function that occurs throughout the main game and persists for the duration of the free spins bonus.

Slot machine King Carrot is a 7×7 cluster-paying grid game. one spin adds 49 symbols to the grid, and clusters are formed when 5 identical symbols fall next to one other in either the vertical or horizontal directions. This has all the hallmarks of Hacksaw Gaming, including the serene setting of a forest clearing. Taking a break when the wheels aren’t turning allows you to take in the welcoming environment. While they wait, a variety of food items bobble on the grid, leaves drift by from the trees, and a light, upbeat soundtrack oompahs. After experiencing a few bonus games and the symbol morphing function, we found ourselves unable to resist clicking the play button to see what would happen next.

Hacksaw has reduced King Carrot’s volatility, ranking it at 3.0 on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. Theoretical return levels are described by the word “range,” as they can go as high as 96.3% or as low as – much depends on the market. King Carrot is a Pocketz Series slot, thus it is optimized for mobile play; nevertheless, it is just as enjoyable, if not more so, on any device with a larger display. Bets range from 20 p/c per spin to £/€100.

The icons on the payout table are adorable, to use that term once more. Clusters of 14 or more of the following fruits are worth 5-10 times the bet: grapes, pears, purple stuff (?), strawberries, berries, lemons, apples, and watermelons. The normal carrot sign may build larger cluster levels, up to 500x for a full grid of 49 of them. The ‘W’s with eyes drawn in a heart shape are wild and can replace any other sign, including the ones that pay out. In addition, the King Carrot or Epic King Carrot emblem can be used in place of the standard carrot symbol for determining payouts.

King Carrot Slot Machine Functions

King Carrot’s main feature is the metamorphosis of symbols, which may happen both during the main game and during the free spins bonus round. You can also get multipliers based on carrots if the Epic King Carrot shows up, and you should keep an eye out for the Bird Attack.

A Royal Carrot

When a King Carrot sign appears, it is replaced with a randomly chosen paying symbol. The highest-paying carrot symbol is substituted for all occurrences of the selected symbol type, and a win is calculated. If more than one King Carrot appears, then several kinds of symbols will be drawn. If the King Carrot appears during a spin, the player receives a respin with the symbol morph feature still in play.

Superb Royal Carrot

One to three Epic King Carrots may appear in place of regular Carrots whenever a Carrot transformation takes place. A multiplier is dropped on a random carrot icon for every visible Epic King Carrot. Multipliers range from 2x to 100x and are applied solely to the winning carrot cluster. When applying a multiplier to a victory that includes two or more multipliers, the total of all applicable multipliers is utilized.

Slot Machine Decision for King Carrot

As far as Hacksaw Games go, King Carrot is a classic. It’s so pleasantly deceptive that you can’t help but play just one more round. The squeaky cutie pie icons and upbeat Caribbean oompah sounds mash-up together to create an infectious party atmosphere. Because it didn’t take too long to experience everything King Carrot had to offer, the game might not have aged as well as something more substantial would have.

King Carrot’s metamorphosis scene is intriguing enough to warrant many viewings. There’s something satisfying about getting a handful of your preferred symbols during free spins and then watching them all turn into a massive payout. Seeing King Carrots devour other symbols in motion as they are transformed is just as gratifying as seeing the numerical outcome.

The path is marked with carrots. Non-carrot wins are negligible since they are capped at 10x the stake and aren’t influenced by Epic King Carrot multipliers. On the other hand, the features did appear to activate often, bringing things into a state of mild volatility. While conducting the evaluation, we went through more than a few dead spin areas. Though users may have already played King Carrot to completion, the game’s replayability makes it simple to see them returning back to it as a light-hearted palate cleanser or something to pass time with while waiting in line. Under the correct circumstances, King Carrot’s unexpectedly high potential of 10,000x the stake can cause the game to explode.

King Carrot is just another great example of Hacksaw Gaming’s skill in making accessible, enjoyable slot machines. Compared to Wanted Dead or Wild, it is not one of their most impactful games, but it is quite replayable and very easy to appreciate.

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